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03122016 – The Road to Chaam

A series of drone shots composed while on the way to Chaam Beach in southern Thailand.  The images that contain patterns of white triangular looking items, are taken…


A series of renders composed in February of 2016.


An exploration of ideas while converting to use the open source, 3d application Blender.


A collection of renders with the objective of distorting my own photography.


The Bright is a collection of renders based after an afternoon trip out with my son Alpha. Composed using my photographs taken on December 28, 2015, I later brought…

12272015 / Beta

On December 22, 2015 my daughter Beta was born. Many people say their children inspire them, which is a cliche statement due to the obvious context. Considering life…


A series of renders from December 1, 2015 (12012015) that I approached with the idea of trying to simulate a sketchbook feeling. I used a series of my…

11122015 / 4K Desktops

Recently, I’ve been getting numerous requests for desktop wallpapers. So, for this collection of renders, 11122015, I have decided to provide high resolution (4k) images ready for use…

Operating System / DT12172014

About a year ago (2014), I was asked to provide a design proposal to one of the world's largest software companies, for their flagship product. While I'm precluded from telling you who it is, if you live on Earth, you've heard of them. It was ...

Albert Tower / Melbourne

A series of renders from October 2015, published in November of 2015. This series was inspired by the Albert Tower building in Melbourne, Australia. I used images taken of the building and surrounding structures to visualize the building in ...


PRISM/LD® is a collection of photographs taken around the center of Bangkok (Siam). The final images play with bending light, shapes and digital signals across many different angles….


A collection of stills inspired by traveling around Australia & New Zealand in 2015. Published on August 20, 2015.


A collection of typographic ideas and studies using Stefan Kjartansson’s unique and refreshing font design Cumulus and Foam.


A collection of renders created exclusively for Nanamee/YouWorkForThem. Posted on Aug 7, 2012.


A collection of renders composed from photographs taken in Melbourne (VIC), Australia. To enhance the DOF effect after the renders were exported, the final images were taken again via full…


A simulation render, revising an old idea posted on 05182011.   Posted: May 20th, 2015.


An emetic animation and exported frames inspired by Mondays. Licensing available for images at YouWorkForThem.


A collection of renders inspired by my rekindled interest in photography this year. Posted on May 14, 2015.


A collection of renders created exclusively for YouWorkForThem.


A collection of renders created exclusively for YouWorkForThem.