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Conformity is King

From the depths of hell, here comes The Conformity King. Audio by Madsound

Operating System / DT12172014

About a year ago (2014), I was asked to provide a design proposal to one of the world's largest software companies, for their flagship product. While I'm precluded from telling you who it is, if you live on Earth, you've heard of them. It was ...

Albert Tower / Melbourne

A series of renders from October 2015, published in November of 2015. This series was inspired by the Albert Tower building in Melbourne, Australia. I used images taken of the building and surrounding structures to visualize the building in ...


A simulation render, revising an old idea posted on 05182011.   Posted: May 20th, 2015.


An emetic animation and exported frames inspired by Mondays. Licensing available for images at YouWorkForThem.


A simulation render from the Splice renders.


Simulation Render


Simulation Render

Back To School VDO

Simulation render of the object and particles created for the Back To School renders.


Simulation render of the object and particles created for the Eight Insides renders.


05242012 RMX Simulation Render


Simulation Render


Rendering from May 24, 2011


Rendering idea on May 18, 2011.

Neuzeit Grotesk

Neuzeit Grotesk is a Masculine Fontoscope, derived from a Modern Adaptation of the Principles of the German Phrenakiscope! See the iron shaft, rising from a substantial wooden base of modern glaze and lust! Modest, clean and linear for Modern Da...

March in Thonburi

March in Thonburi is an experimental short, created over two years by Michael Paul Young. After relocating from Baltimore to Bangkok, Thailand, in 2007, Young sought to expose how the many sensory influences of his adopted country have affecte...


In September of 2009 the indie rock band Moderndog contacted us to design the motion visuals for their upcoming 15th anniversary concert in Bangkok. The show had a set of 26 songs, in which we designed video content for 14 songs. We approached ea...

U2 / 360 Tour Visuals

In February of 2009 we got a call from Catherine Owens, the long time super creative director for the uber-famous band U2. Catherine came across our work and knew she found the team who could help with U2’s 2009 world tour (titled 360). After...


A short film created for YouWorkForThem using various clips from the stock video products titled Moire. Composed of patterns and hypnotic illusions, Moire may result in acid flashbacks from your teenage childhood or slight migraines.

Diesel – Only the Brave

Michael Paul Young was invited to be one of the creatives involved in the fashion label Diesel's Only the Brave perfume launch. The final result was a room design titled Discolored & Battered Bravery: Physical pain or the threat of death...