Today’s Art 2008

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Today’s Art 2008

Today’s Art 2008
In 2008 I worked on my third contribution to the Today’s Art art festival, invitation by Maxalot.

In this post I have gathered the two final works submitted for the still image projection area. Curator Maxalot presented a selection of pioneering generative artists, projecting new, dedicated pieces commissioned especially for the event, onto the VROM building alongside The Hague’s Central Station.

About Project Processing Light / Maxalot
What if you had a special little helper who could assist your natural-born creativity into making intricate layouts of curious and beautifully detailed objects and things. Who would be the real creator? What if you had actually made this special little helper yourself to begin with? Artists working with programming do just that, generating their own powerful creators and letting them do the hard work. Through computer software algorithms written in various scripting languages, more and more artists now use these powerful tools to have information generate mind-blowing imagery. This ‘processing’ of information happens in a combination of order and disorder, and although most behaviors are tightly controlled by the artists, the outcome always presents an element of surprise. Artists included Dextro, Neil Banas, Eno Henze, Tina Frank, Pedro Mari, Quayola, C.E.B REAS, Karsten Schmidt, LIA, Jim Soliven, Marius Watz and Michael Paul Young.

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