Digital Vision: Infinity

Digital Vision

Posted on Mar 30, 2001


I created 60 artworks over a two month period for Digital Vision’s (Getty Images) Infinity series in 2001. The completion of this commission gave me enough funding to start my own design company at age 23. Infinity (symbolically represented with ∞) comes from the Latin infinitas or “unboundedness.” It refers to several distinct concepts (usually linked to the idea of “without end”) which arise in philosophy, mathematics, and theology. In mathematics, “infinity” is often used in contexts where it is treated as if it were a number (i.e., it counts or measures things: “an infinite number of terms”) but it is a different type of “number” from the real numbers. Infinity is related to limits, aleph numbers, classes in set theory, Dedekind-infinite sets, large cardinals, Russell’s paradox, non-standard arithmetic, hyperreal numbers, projective geometry, extended real numbers and the absolute Infinite. 

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