The Dolby Art Series was a collaboration with 22 international artists and design studios. Each artwork was inspired by the two half circles of Dolby’s iconic logomark. The work is currently exhibited in Dolby offices worldwide to celebrate their values, inspire creativity, and transport Dolby to new dimensions.

Vibration Forms Concept

For me, the primary impact of Dolby’s “Double D” logo has always been its evocation of the primary counterparts of the stereo field, those being a pair of speakers and a pair of ears. Of course, that’s the simple genius of the logo, and what it represents: the power of the logo is the power of sound.

I immediately thought that a striking way to represent this might be to evoke the “cause” and “effect” relationship of the vibration of sound through three mediums: wire, plate and liquid.

These three elements represent not only three visual takes on the vibration of the sound that is “heard” through the Dolby Double D “speakers” that the objects are seen through, but they offer a progressive exploration through three forms of vibrating matter: a one-dimensional line, a two-dimensional square, and the three dimensions of a contained liquid.

All respond to sound visually as they vibrate in response to the source within their own volumetric space, and are given “life” by the Double D.