Buamai iPhone

Buamai iPhone

Buamai for iphone was created to grab images from our server to cure your creative boredom and bring design inspiration directly to your phone. Images are posted by a closed collective of artists, graphic designers, programmers, architects and fashion designers based in various cities around the world. Images loaded by Buamai are mainly of Graphic Design, Art and Architecture interest, but with some random strange images thrown in for variety.

Application Features: Download Images: The most requested feature, the ability to download whatever images are loaded via the random image loader. You easily press one button and the image will be saved into your Photo Library, allowing you to then use them as your wallpaper or even as a contact photo. This features easily makes Buamai your most creative wallpaper option for the iPhone. Random Image: Using the quick and easy random image feature, you can sit for hours loading a diverse collection of surprising images one by one. An easy way to cure boredom while mobile and waiting. Visual Search: Visual Search (Adlib) is an Buamai original that can help assistant you with new visual ideas for that next big project. Just type your projects slogan, story or short text brief and see what results come back visually! Destroy: Using the Destroy feature you can rip and shred a random selection of over 100 images into one intense grid artwork. Keep clicking to see how many different and colorful variations you can create. Flickr & Dropular: If you would like to have access to a larger source of imagery, the Buamai application gives you the option to search and load from Flickr & Dropular. This gives you access to endless numbers of more amazing imagery from thousands of curators/bloggers online.

Concept, Design and Code by Michael Paul Young







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